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The top 5 films about PR

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee


I bet you didn’t know I was a film critic? Well I’m not, and here’s why:

The top five films about/featuring/vaguely related to the wonderful industry and mechanisms of public relations:

1) Wag the Dog

The president becomes embroiled in a sex scandal in the run up to the election, spin doctor Robert De Niro and producer Dustin Hoffman fake a war to divert media attention. A brilliant film, so long as you don’t work in PR. It was released suspiciously close to the Lewinsky affair (and subsequent military action in Iraq, Sudan, Afghanistan and Yugoslavia).

Watch: “The American Public have to know at some point” – “Why?”

2) Jerry Maguire

Jerry begins in typical PR film territory (money, press, phones, egos) and then one night has an attack of the conscience and decides that, actually, he has too many clients. He wants to give more attention to fewer clients. He writes a memo saying so, gets fired for it, and ends up with just one client.

Any MDs worry about having too many clients? Feel free to share with the blogosphere, I’m we’re here to help you.

Watch: Show me the money!

3) Absolute Power (TV Series)

Pope Idol, fake diseases, spinning Nazism and working for two clients in direct competition; it’s all great spin-doctor territory in Stephen Fry’s absolute power. It’s hilarious for so many reasons. Yes, we look awful, but we can launch whilst doing it.

Watch: “Or, marry Kylie Minogue” and Making Terry Pine English

4) Jersey Girl

Ben Affleck tears into his client, Will Smith, before a pack of journalists. Inspiring stuff, until the film missteps into the sappy ‘real meaning of life’ territory. This film also features a scene of useful PR as Ben explain eases concerns of New Jersey citizens concerning construction work.

Watch: “Fresh Prince is a 2-bit TV actor, wont be around any longer than it takes for the ink to dry on those worthless rags you write forand George Michael is all about the ladies” (Trailer).

5) Phone Booth

I’m reaching here. This film has less to do with PR and more to do with Colin Farrell crying to Jack Bauer over the phone. He’s a publicist – if that helps?

Watch: The Trailer

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