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The Resource Problem With Successful Communities

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

If your community grows too big, you might face a resource problem. You no longer have the staff  to manage the community (or communities).

You have one of two options

Encourage the community to run and
manage itself.

Get the resources to manage the

Option 1 is terrific when it works. You
recruit and train volunteers to run their own community. There are some great self-governing, self-sustaining, communities.

However, it takes years for a community to reach this stage. Once reached, it is difficult to sustain and you sacrifice a significant opportunity to further
develop the community.

Option 2 is better, but also difficult.
Where do those resources come from? I suggest charging newcomers to join the
community. Develop a revenue stream from the community that covers, or
partially covers, the fee for a community manager. 

If a community manager costs $50k per year, you only need 210 members paying $20 per month to cover that. This isn’t an insurmountable challenge. Alternatively, develop products/services that the community is willing to spend $20 a month for.

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