The Pillar Summit – One More Thing

February 7, 2012Comments Off on The Pillar Summit – One More Thing

You have 2 weeks remaining to register for The Pillar Summit's Professional Community Management Master-Class.

Registration closes on Feb 20.

There is one thing we haven't yet mentioned about the course.

In addition to over 100,000 words of written material, a library of case studies, weekly recorded lessons, incredible guest speakers, access to key academic journals, template scripts/documents, and problem-based live discussions, we're offering something even more valuable.

Unlimited access to FeverBee consulting. 

During the course participants will receive constant coaching from us about how to develop their specific communities.

You can ask us any question at any time. We will coach you at each stage through the development process. You have unlimited use of our time. We will explain what you need to do and how to do it.

Not just to any community, but to your specific community. 

This is a service we've previously only offered to a relatively exclusive number of consulting clients (at a significantly higher fee). 

If you want the details about the course, click here:

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The Pillar Summit

September 2, 2011Comments Off on The Pillar Summit

I've been frustrated with the state of branded community management for a long time.

Many potentially great community managers are being given the coaching they need. They lack the vast amount of proven theory, case studies, and {Xyz} that's required to be be a truly great community manager.

But we've begun to change that with the Pillar Summit.

The Pillar Summit is an intensive course designed for Professional Community Managers. It's first run received glowing reviews from participants. Now we're nearly ready to open the doors again for up to 25 of you.

This course drills you in both the theory behind your work and provides you with the clear practical actions you take to ensure your community is a success. It provides you with all the skills and knowledge you need to know to grow and manage a successful community.

Specifically, the Pillar Summit offers:

  • The Pillar Summit's Online Community Management Bible. The full text of the community management course – exclusive to participants of this course.
  • Weekly webinars with a Q&A session. Each webinar is recorded and can be played later. Participants get to ask questions during each session and clarify anything they're unsure about. 
  • Guest speakers on topics of expertise. We have so far signed up about half of the speakers we plan to for the course. Each is a bonafide expert on their area of expertise. 
  • Weekly live-chats with the community. Watch the community magic in action by participating in the community of participants yourself. We host weekly live chats to tackle a single problem. 
  • A supportive community – watch a community being built as you progress through the course. Ask questions and receive help at any time. Trade advice from anything about persuading your boss to participate, or reliable vendors in your sector. 
  • Over 30 case studies. The course includes over 30 case studies of successful branded and unbranded communities. 
  • Proven scripts. For the first time, we share FeverBee's proven scripts for getting members to join, recruiting volutneers, resolving disputes etc..
  • Template documents. The Pillar Summit will provide the community web spec, features, strategies, content calendars and plan of action. You can fill out the blanks 
  • Checklists. The course will provide participants with step by step checklists for launching and managing an online community. This includes everything you need to do for launch, what assets you need and what steps you need to take to make your community successful.
  • The Pillar Summit's Community Management Playbook. A detailed guide on how to act/respond to the most common problems we have; ranging from dealing with difficult members, getting more individuals to join, and increasing activity etc…
  • Community management assignments. We work hard to ensure participants not only read the material, but can apply it. We have both tasks to complete at the end of each week and assignments for each module of the course.
  • A direct help line. We offer a direct help-line for your community efforts. Get help for any problem specific to your community from both myself, others involved in the Pillar Summit and fellow participants going through the same challenges as yourself. 

I'm very proud of The Pillar Summit. It's the creation of a huge amount of work from both myself and others. To our knowledge, there is no other course that comes close to matching the depth, practicality and quality of the information this course provides. 

Judging from the first run of the course, we expect the places to be taken within about 2 weeks (no fake-scarcity here, there's a limit to how many people we can provide good service too).

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