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The Pillar Summit – 10 Tempting Reasons

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

It’s registration deadline day at The Pillar Summit. If you’re on the fence, there are 10 reasons why you might want to consider this course:

1)   It will increase the speed you develop your community. Most community managers have no clear plan for growing and developing their community. They make it up as they go along. They ignore best practices and proven methods. We can greatly speed up the development of your community.

2)   It will make you more effective and better at what you do. You stop wasting your time on unimportant, unnecessary, tasks. You focus on what matters. You immediately become better. You both know what you should be working and you will have been drilled in the skills to achieve it. Your productivity will skyrocket as a result of this course.

3)   There is absolutely NO risk. If you’re not happy, you can get ALL your money back within the first 5 weeks. So far, just one person in the history of this course took that (and was refunded within 4 hours). Almost every participant gives it an incredible testimonial (feel free to ask them more about it!). We even did a free preview course to show off this material.

4)   You get to join an elite group of highly trained community managers. The community management sphere is splitting between the people that think they know what they’re doing, and the ones that do. By taking this course you join an elite group of highly trained community managers using professional, proven, methods.

5)   It will increase the revenue your community generates. We teach you how to identify the value of your community, then significantly increase it. If your community is earning your organization $500,000 a year, and that increases by just 10% as a result of using our methods (this would be low for us), that is a huge win. Multiply that per every year and it’s a bargain.

6)   It will make your members happy. We teach you how to get inside your member’s heads and delight them. We teach you about psychology, motivation, and even happiness. We teach you how to build a strong sense of community amongst members. We teach you how to make the community a destination your members want to visit regularly.

7)   We’re now offering it at a time and money saving discount. If you’re a busy person and can’t commit to the full course, or your company can’t stump up the money (we offer payment plans), we’ve now created a self-taught option which will be perfect for you. It takes just a couple of hours a week and you get access to all the lessons. Better yet, it wont interfere with your work.

8)   Ongoing access. If you take the course you get indefinite access to us. Anytime your community faces a problem, you want a second opinion or need to seek out best practices on any platform issue. We have former members asking our advice on everything from growth, moderation, and hiring new community managers.

9)   You get best practice documents. We also offer all our template documents. These are the documents we use for our clients. We have a complete strategy template, action plan, scripts for getting people to join and participate in communities, step by step flow diagrams for dealing with antagonistic members and conflicts, and website spec documents (and wireframes).

10)    We don’t waste time on social media. Managing social media channels is easy, just post interest updates and respond to what members say. As we’re both aware, managing online communities is much, much, harder. We are precision focused on online communities (we don’t let social media managers take the course).

Our results speak for themselves, our members have developed thriving communities. Take a look at PatientsLikeMe,, Amazon, Lego, or any of our graduates. It’s an impressive list.

We’re proud of the course, it’s genuinely our finest creation. We want you to take it. We’ve seen how it’s helped other community managers.

If you could get a LOT better at community management, increase the money it earns for an organization, without incurring any financial risk, would that tempt you to take the course?

We hope so.

You can sign up here:

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