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The Name Matters

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Coursera have launched a Global Translator Community.

You can join it, translate materials into different languages, and call yourself a global translator. 

But wouldn’t it be better to call yourself a Translator 

The names we pick for communities aren’t critical, but they are important. When we join a community we’re accepting the group identity and sacrificing a little of our own. The stronger the group identity, the more we tend to participate.

Therefore the name matters. Global translator is neat and tidy, but hardly inspiring.

I’d pick something more active.

I’d have levels based upon how many languages they have translated a course into e.g.

  • Translator Scout (2 languages),
  • Translator Ranger (3 languages).
  • Translator Captain (5 languages)

The name matters. Make sure yours is something your audience wants to associate themselves with. 

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