The Big Non-Profits Online Community Mistake

March 20, 2009Comments Off on The Big Non-Profits Online Community Mistake

There are a lot of great causes making bad mistakes.

These good causes (non-profits, mostly) are violating the golden rule. They’re talking about their work too much. Sadly they’re a good cause and they get away with it. Users, staff and peers are content to let this error play out.

Whilst talking about your work is important, it misses the fundamental objective.

How can we make more people feel a part of our movement”.

What makes people feel a part of movements? Usually 3 things. First, when they have friends in the movement. Second, when they have power within the movement and, finally, when they feel appreciated by the movement.

To make someone a member of your movement, you need to give him openings. Ask for his opinion on a major issue. Celebrate his achievements/fundraising success. Connect him to people that live nearby. Offer him the chance to help out online, even if it’s just finding someone who can translate a page into a language.

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