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Three Big Bets

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

We’ve made three big bets at FeverBee. We want to share them.

1) We believe that the process is more important than the platform. There are plenty of community platforms. Many are terrific. The barrier to entry is low and dropping every day. However, the process of being able to develop a community remains relatively rare. Few people know it. Most branded communities fail. At FeverBee we focus upon the process, not the platform.

2) We believe that communities need their own unique location. Facebook is a terrific communications platform, but it’s not a great community platform. Groups want their own identity. Facebook is great for audience building, but poor for community building.

3) We believe that communities are the future of communications. In the world of increasing noise and ever more disparate interests, people will want to connect with those that share their specific interests. The future belongs to smaller communities with more specific interests. The market for these is infinite.

There are many more bets, we’re sure. But we’re happy to base our future upon these three.

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