The Best Source Of Growth For Established Communities

February 18, 2012Comments Off on The Best Source Of Growth For Established Communities

Mary runs a community which receives millions of visitors a month, over a hundred registrations a day, and about 500 comments per week. 

She asked how she can persuade members to invite their friends to join. 

But is that the priority right now?

Is referrals/WOM marketing tactics going to do much but add more to the millions figure and little to the number of comments she receives every week?

The best source of growth for her, and established communities, is optimizing that conversion funnel from visitor to regular participant. These are the people that already know you. 

Identify specifically where members are dropping out. Do they visit but not click the registration option? Do they begin registration but not finish it? Do they finish it but not participate? Do they participate once but never return?

Once you identify, specifically, where people are dropping out you can design a precise intervention to change this. For most established communities, this is the best source of growth. 

More info: Converting newcomers into regulars.

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