The 23 Most Community Manager Things That Have Ever Happened

November 12, 2013Comments Off on The 23 Most Community Manager Things That Have Ever Happened

Buzzfeed recently struck upon a winner

They pick a popular group and write about some funny occurences amongst that group.  Screen shot 2013-11-08 at 11.03.42

It should be obvious why this is popular. 

1) Group identity. It's about a group who derive a large part of their identity from thisgroup. We like to read information about the groups we belong to. The meta-information is typically more popular than latest news.

2) Symbols. Every post is filled with symbols that have a unique meaning to that group. The posts are only funny/interesting, if you're a member of the target group. 

3) References history/shared stories. This content creates a sense of connection among the members of this group. It reinforces the community identity by referencing its own history and shared story (some might say, myth-making). 

4) Networks. The bonds between these groups are strong. There is an easy medium (typically Facebook/Twitter) to share content among these groups. 

The takeaway here could be that you start a discussion in your community asking what's the most {topic} things that have ever happened? This would probably be popular. 

The better takeaway is to infuse the elements above (notably symbols and references to shared history) throughout your entire community. 


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