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When Tangible Rewards Work

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Last year, we worked with a client whose migration had caused a host of niggling issues (missing images, bad text formatting in historic posts, a few broken links etc…)

When you have 100 pages, it’s easy to trawl through them and resolve them. When you have 10 million, it becomes rather tricky.

So we offered $10 to any member who found a mistake.

For a cost of $2800, almost every visible mistake was quickly identified and resolved.

Most interestingly, members loved the challenge. So we kept it open and raised the bounty to $20 for all future mistakes. We also expanded the definition of ‘mistake’ to include missing optimizations, SEO titles, use of copyright images, typos from staff members etc..

For around $40 – $60 per week we had a small army of vigilant members eagerly checking and identifying a wide host of issues before they became a major problem.

We don’t usually recommend giving members tangible rewards, but there are exceptions.

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