Tagging vs. Categories

Should you use tagging or categories to display content?

We’ve been debating this in our FeverBee Experts community.

Categorizing is easier for the member posting the question, tagging is better for members reading it.

Categorizing is an existing habit. Members already do it and are used to it.

Tagging allows for more flexibility. For example, we have areas for getting started, metrics, engagement, and platforms (below):

But if you’re a newcomer unsure what engagement metrics are worth tracking for a new community (and will the platform let you track those metrics?), what category would you use? Getting started? Measurement? Technology?

With tagging you don’t need to choose, you can select as many as are necessary. You’re more likely to get a response.

But it’s hard to create a new habit. You need to provide the right nudge at the right time. The solution, of course, is to test it and see what works. Do most members properly tag discussions? If not, do you have the resources to tag on their behalf? No? Use categories.

Begin with the best experience for members and work backwards to what’s feasible. Don’t begin with the easiest experience for you and work forwards.


  1. Sarah Hawk says:

    The best solution would be to enforce tagging in the same way that you enforce categorisation at the time of posting (but that’s not out of the box functionality for this platform so would involve writing a plugin).

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