Matching Community Tactics to Community Goals

December 5, 2016 Comments Off on Matching Community Tactics to Community Goals

One of the things we share with our Strategic Community Management course participants is the table of tactics. This is a document which aligns 250+ community tactics to a specific objective.

The goal of this document is to let our new clients know which of the tactics they are executing are strategic.

Most tactics are habits. They are things we’ve gotten used to doing rather than the most pressing next step to achieve our objectives.

Here’s a small preview:


(click for a bigger image)

This is 1 of 17 pages (and we’re adding more every week).

Whether the targets in the left align with your objectives depends very much upon your tactics in the target audience matrix.

If you know the biggest win is to get existing members more engaged (as opposed to attracting newcomers or getting members to do something different), you might discover the best way of doing that is improving the utility of the site (also from the tactics table):

Now you can make sure everything lines up. If you want to increase engagement from existing members you might decide to improve the utility of the site by improving the quality of replies members get.

This might mean improving the accuracy of the advice given by enabling members to vote if the answer helped them. It might mean getting advice from a diverse array of people. It might mean adding a guidelines box in what constitutes a great response (e.g. adding links, references, and describing solutions in minute detail).

All of these clearly link to a specific objective you’re trying to achieve.

The goal of thinking strategically is you can check every single tactic is the best pathway to achieve your goal. This should pull you from the rut of doing routine tasks and force you to work on the biggest possible wins.

This is the key reason we put the Strategic Community Management course together.

It’s time to focus on the big wins and real results, not more engagement metrics from routine tasks. I hope you will join us:

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