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What Members Want To See When They Suggest An Idea

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Quick Note – I’ll be in Amsterdam July 22-23, I’d love to meet community pros in the area.

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It’s not too tricky.

When a member submits an idea they want:

  1. To know the entire process of how an idea becomes implemented in the product, what milestones they have to reach to be considered.
  2. To see it immediately appear in the community without approval.
  3. To see it promoted to other members.
  4. Quick, constructive, feedback from other members.
  5. To gain endorsements from key community members.
  6. To interact with staff members about the idea.
  7. To see where their idea is in the process at all times and be notified of changes.
  8. To see how close they are to reaching the next phase of the process.
  9. To get an update on whether the idea was accepted/rejected (with reasons).
  10. To be thanked for submitting ideas which aren’t accepted.
  11. To be shown gratitude if an idea advanced to the product stage.
  12. To be considered a key influencer who can sponsor future ideas.

This isn’t an exhaustive list, but if you can get even halfway there you’re doing better than most.

p.s. Just because an idea/feedback isn’t submitted through a specific ideation platform doesn’t mean the process doesn’t apply.

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