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The Strategic Community Mindset

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

We tested our Strategic Community Management course (price rising tonight) with 20 community professionals from the FeverBee Experts community.

We told them to focus on practicality. Could they apply the material to their own work?

Practicality is key.

Most strategic advice, for example, begins with “list your community goal/purpose”.

This advice wouldn’t cut it with any organization we’ve ever worked with.

Consider the obvious questions this simple task provokes:

  • How do you know the goal of the community?
  • Who decides what the goal of the community is? Is it you? Your boss? Your CEO?
  • What if people within the organization disagree about the goal?
  • What if the community goal is vague? Does it have to be connected to the ROI? What if you can’t connect it?
  • What if the community has no goal and was set up a while ago on a whim and is now really popular? (very common!).
  • Should a goal be something short-term and achievable or long-term and ambitious?
  • Should a community have one goal or multiple goals? What if you focus on one at the expense of others?
  • If you have multiple goals, how do you prioritize them? Does this change the community?
  • How do you even get the meetings with the right people to discuss these goals?
  • Will asking about goals now make you seem like you don’t know what you’re doing all this time?
  • What is the risk tolerance or acceptable timeline to achieve that goal?

Instead of simplistic advice we give course participants a template of 50 specific questions we’ve used in the past and provide contextual advice about how to uncover the goals of their community as part of a process.

You can see a snippet of this below (or click here):


Get support by asking these questions
Get support by asking these questions


The Strategic Mindset

Get really granular and really practical.

Your approach to uncovering community goals will determine the level of support you get.

Do they think of you as the community person who does the fun engagement stuff on the internet? Or are you a trusted consultant who is going to help them achieve their targets in the most cost-efficient way possible?

Imagine instead of listing goals on a whim, you took the time instead to identify and build relationships with senior stakeholders. Imagine you asked deep, probing, questions to uncover their goals. Imagine you collaborated with stakeholders on a basic plan you would execute. Imagine you kept them updated on progress towards their goals using their language and you stopped sending through engagement reports.

Now you’re no longer the person that talks to people on the internet. Now you’re their trusted consultant to achieve their goals in the most efficient way possible.

And it’s never too late to begin doing this.


Final Course Promo – Prices Rise Tonight

The Strategic Community Management course isn’t just about putting a community strategy together.

The course is about applying a strategic mindset to everything that you do.

That strategic mindset means:

  • Building relationships and becoming a collaborative partner to your stakeholders (not listening to your goals on a whim).
  • Only pursuing and reporting on outcomes of the community, not engagement metrics to become a respected advisor.
  • Identifying your biggest wins and cutting out activities which don’t help you get to those big wins.
  • Benchmarking your community against dozens just like yours to find the outliers you can get inspiration from and determine what is realistically achievable within specific time-frames.
  • Treating your community as distinct groups with unique needs and satisfying each of those needs with specific steps.
  • Being able to measure and prioritize different tactics to achieve your goals.
  • Building a measurement dashboard designed for your community and not relying upon Google Analytics.

These are exactly the skills we want you to acquire and be able to apply from this course.


Strategic Community Management Course Details:

The course will require 1 to 2 hours of your time each week. We’re not going to overwhelm you with thousands of words to read.

Instead, we’re going to pinpoint and focus on the key strategic wins above.

The goal is strictly quality over quantity. This includes:

  • 20 professionally filmed lessons.
  • 6+ guided sessions that begin in January. All sessions are recorded for you to watch at times convenient to you.
  • Personal coaching time with FeverBee consultants.
  • A Private community for course participants.
  • Template strategy and planning docs.
  • Template stakeholder documents.
  • Access to a list of 1500+ online communities for benchmarking.
  • A Comprehensive table of tactics aligned to specific goals (270+ tactics and rising).

The fee for this course is $685 until tonight. Group rates available.

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