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The Strategic Community Management Program

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Today we are opening enrollment for our Strategic Community Management program.

Our goal is to help you and your team apply strategic thinking to every activity you undertake and achieve phenomenal growth.

This is a guided training program taking place over six weeks.

This will cover:

  • How to select a clear strategy based on specific psychological principles (learn which emotions drive what kind of behavior and how to amplify that emotion to drive outcomes).
  • How to identify activities which drive phenomenal growth (use data-driven methods to identify what drives success, wind down the tasks which don’t matter, and shift your resources to achieve incredible results).
  • How to segment your different audiences and cater to each of their needs at scale (follow our audience matrix to identify your unique audiences and satisfy each of their needs decisively).
  • How to source and prioritize community tactics (learn where good ideas come from, how to spot a bad idea, and how to rank ideas by their reach, depth, and length).
  • How and what to measure within a community (rethink why you measure a community and focus on building improvement-loops instead).
  • How to build a community dashboard completely customized to your community and your team’s goals (stop using Google analytics and build your own dashboard using Google Sheets or Excel).
  • How to grow and manage a growing team of community professionals (learn who to hire, what to pay them, how to manage their workload, and how to keep them motivated).

This is a hands-on guided program requiring a few hours a week over 6 weeks.

Our focus is on application, not information. We don’t want you to soak up information, we want you to use it. Ourselves and our coaches are going to ensure you can apply every principle to your community.

Registration opens today. You can get a 25% early-bird discount if you sign up by Friday 18th November.

I hope we see some of you on the inside.

p.s. We know you’re busy over Christmas. The guided program will begin in January. Once you sign up you get immediate access to all course material.

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