Stimulating Activity When There Is None

May 10, 2011Comments Off on Stimulating Activity When There Is None

I've said this before, but if you have little activity, marco initiatives wont help. 

Too many organizations spot an activity deficit and try to make a big change. They try to host a big event, announce a contest or recruit new members.

This is a big mistake. If the community has no activity with the members it has, why will more members help? If the community has no activity, how will you get people to turn up for an event? Competitions will cause a short-term spike of activity at best.

The solution is to go micro. You start 1 discussion and persuade 2 people to participate. Then you invite a few more. You reach out to individuals personally and get them involved. You work on getting the members you have active.

Activity begets activity. If you want more then you need to start some. The best way to start some is to start small. Go as micro as possible. Concentrate on getting a few members coming back. Get a few discussions going and build from there. 

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