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SPRINT London 2016: Join 200+ Experts, 14 World-Class Speakers, and Master New Skills

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

I want you to join us in London for 2 days this February.

On Feb 23 – 24, we’re taking SPRINT back to London – and you can book heavily discounted tickets until Jan 1

If you want an arsenal of new ideas to increase engagement, you should come.

If you want to figure out how to rise above being solely a community manager, you should come.

If you’re struggling with declining activity, how to prioritise your work, or getting your boss to support you, you should definitely come.


It’s about more than community management

We’re at the beginning of a big shift in how we think about our work.

We can’t ignore the other fields growing around us anymore. We can’t rigidly focus on a tiny slice of engagement that fits snugly within a narrow definition of community surrounded by mammoth opportunities to advance our careers and achieve better results. We can’t work in isolation any longer – engagement goes beyond just building communities. 

We’re going to do two things differently in London. The first is we’re going to focus on the the next level up. We want to take the skills we’ve spent years refining in the community space and deploy them at a higher level. We want to take the skills you have right now and make them portable to where you want to go next.

Second, we’re help you increase engagement in any medium in any sector you’re working in today. We’re going to tackle the specific challenges you told us you want to solve. Some of these challenges include:

  1. How do I increase engagement without spending more time and money?
  2. It’s getting more difficult to get my content noticed by my audience, what do I do?
  3. How do I get employee who aren’t tech-savvy to participate in an internal community?
  4. How do motivate my audience to collaborate with each other?
  5. What does a great knowledge-sharing system look like? How do I create one from scratch?
  6. My organic social media reach has plummeted! What should I do?
  7. How do I build a world-class automation system to onboard newcomers? 
  8. How do I get more people to visit my community and join?
  9. I can’t afford a full-time community manager, what should we prioritise with limited time?
  10. How do I make sure I’m keeping on the right side of the law? What if I’m based across many countries?
  11. How do I get my audience to disclose their emotional states and talk about their health?
  12. How do I convert digital engagement into clear leads and sales?
  13. How do I get people to participate when they tell me they don’t have time?
  14. What skills do I need to make the next leap in my career as a digital engagement/community professional?
  15. How can I be more influential and persuasive in all communications.

We’re also hosting a few open sessions for people to gather and raise any challenges they want help solving. Whatever you’re struggling with, you’re going to get help to solve it.


Basic Details

SPRINT takes place at the incredible Royal Institution of Great Britain, a building which has helped introduce new scientific ideas for over 200 years.


Day 1 – The Tactical Psychology Workshop

The first day is our own intensive workshops. Our team and a few hand-chosen guests will take a small group of you (usually 50 people) through an intensive process to increase engagement. This tends to be highly popular. Our last workshop in San Francisco sold out 3 months early and received a 4.51 / 5 rating.  


Day 2 – 14 World Class Engagement Experts Solve your Biggest Problems

For the second day, we invite 12 of the world’s top engagement experts to join us and 200 of you to share and exchange the latest tactics to boost engagement. If you want high-level strategy, try elsewhere.

For our Europe event, we’re splitting the event into 3 separate tracks. These cover enterprise engagement, non-profit & government, and internal & employee. We’re going to have engagement tactics custom-designed for your sector.  


Booking Tickets

Tickets are on sale from today.

If you sign up by Jan 1 you get a huge discount.

You can book one of two tickets. You can book the full event ticket to attend both the conference, workshop, and afterparty (£640) or you can book a conference ticket to attend the conference and afterparty (£270).

If you book before January 1 you will get a 30% discount. We also have a handful of tickets available at group, non-profit, and student rates.

Click here to book your discount tickets:

This one I think will be big.

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