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A Good Time To Specialise

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

There’s plenty of opportunities.

Specialise in community migration, platform development, and establishing a community.

Specialise in measuring and reporting. Help others quantify the impact of the community, and develop systems to pull/analyze content from Google Reports, different platforms etc…make sure you can visualise the data beautifully too.

Specialise in running MVP programs that transform how organisations engage with their top customers.

Specialise in running large conferences and in-person events for huge communities.

Specialise in launching new communities from scratch.

Specialise in creating 10x content which attracts members indefinitely.

Specialise in setting up and running video channels for communities.

Specialise in running community teams and knowing how to attract, motivate, and drive key people.

Specialise in localisation of large communities to each region. How do you support conflicting needs of members by language and culture?

Specialise in ideation and building the right internal systems to utilize external ideas.

Specialise in moderation. Both reducing costs, improving results, and implementing policies which find that balance between freedom of speech and freedom from abuse.

Specialise in gamification programs that are unique, different, and game-changing for their hosts.

This isn’t an exhaustive list. But judging by the queries we’re getting today, you can get a head start if you specialise now.

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