Something I Want Community Platforms To Do

February 22, 2013Comments Off on Something I Want Community Platforms To Do

Perhaps this exists, but I haven't seen it.

I want a platform that will send a daily e-mail to the community manager. This e-mail will contain a list of members whom have made their first contribution to the community. 

We know from theory that the response to a member's first contribution is critical to retain that member. If the response isn't quick enough, doesn't ask a question, doesn't disclosure any information about the responder, or simply isn't good enough, the member doesn't participate again.

This is a high impact area. A small intervention here can significantly increase the number of members that become regulars. If the community manager is sent a daily list, they can easily ensure that every first-time contributor gets a good response. 

We need a platform that has the capability to do this. Let's make it happen. 

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