Identifying And Solving Problems The Community Way

November 28, 2016 Comments Off on Identifying And Solving Problems The Community Way

iTunes crashed any time I tried to download a purchased song.

I filed a support ticket and contacted Apple. The account rep sent me a link to their community with a solution from a member. It reads like this:

Open iTunes > click parental controls > disable access to the iTunes store (but enabling access to iTunes U).
Restart iTunes > click parental controls > enable access to the iTunes store.
Restart iTunes > click downloads > and download songs.

Not exactly a Jobsian solution is it?

Communities can help identify problems the organization isn’t aware of and develop solutions that might be tricky for the organization to suggest officially.

The trick is providing the customer support team with the permission to use the solutions developed by users to help other users.

Far too many organizations refuse to do this. They ignore the immediate solution in favour of a quicker response…perhaps an update in a future software patch.

Few people care about official solutions, they just want a solution. A workaround today is better than an official update next month.

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