You Can’t Solve Problems You Don’t Understand

“My members have become really negative and confrontational recently, how do we stop it?”

That’s the wrong question. The right question is why have members become negative recently?

Until you diagnose the problem, you won’t be able to develop the solution.

Have members become negative recently because of a platform change or the way the community has been managed?

Has negativity been growing steadily for a while but only recently become visible?

Is negativity stemming from lots of different members or a handful of members?

If it’s the former, are they always negative or only in specific topics? If it’s the latter is this a group which agrees with each other or do they only target specific members?

This isn’t an exhaustive list of questions, but every answer will lead you to a completely different solution.

In my experience, getting the right diagnosis is a lot more difficult than getting the right answer.

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