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Social Profile snoops on everyone within 10 miles

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Social Profile, an apps package for Facebook, has just e-mailed me a list of people who live within 10 miles. Along with what people think about them.

Highlights include :

“Trusted by 1.4 people in 5” and “loaded with cash” – (what’s his address again?)

‘People you might know’ is popular on Facebook and LinkedIn right now, but there is a major difference between people I might know through common acquaintances and people who live locally. More importantly, giving me the opinions of others on my neighbours (figuratively) is a major invasion of their privacy (and likely mine too).

The bottom of the e-mail notes there are 7796 more profiles I can choose to explore. I’m guessing that’s everyone on Facebook within 10 miles.

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Subscribe for regular insights