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Skeptical, Incredulous, Acceptance

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Saul Alinsky noted this 78 years ago.

If you try to build a community for a group of people (especially within an existing boundary i.e. employees), they tend to react the same way.

First, they’re skeptical.

They don’t know you. They don’t have time for the community. They’re worried that the community will change a status quo that benefits them. During this stage you might be true to your vision. You must not compromise. You must remain enthusiastic and keep pushing. You must work with the rare believers in your vision, not those against it.

Second, they’re incredulous.

They can’t believe it’s succeeding. Why are people going along with this? Are they crazy? They set an increasingly angry tone. You must not react/respond to them. Don’t give them any cause to unite against you. Be open to any questions they have. Don’t let them provoke a negative reaction that will undermine your efforts.

Third, they accept it.

They’re members. This is quite sudden. Once they realize they’re in danger of being left behind, they become members. Don’t bring up any past negativity they have expressed. If they accept you, you must accept them without recourse.

The worst thing you can do during this process is to be exposed as a fraud. It’s to take an action that, if exposed to a broader group, will undermine your work. Every action you take must be aligned with the goal to build a community.

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