December 13, 2011Comments Off on Self-Concept

If I asked, "Who are you?". You might tell me your name.

That's fine, but it's the next few sentences that matter.

Do you describe yourself as a mother/father? Husband/wife?

Do you describe yourself as young/old? Sick/healthy? Passionate/depressed?

Do you describe yourself through your job or through your hobby? Are you a journalist, marketer, community manager, footballer, pianist? Specifically, what type of journalist, marketer, community manager, footballer or pianist are you?

You can't build a community for people unless they think of themselves in the terms you're trying to describe them. That strong common interest you're building a community around has to be directly connected to the self-concept of the target audience. 

Being a teacher isn't the same as being a history teacher, a young teacher, a veteran teacher, a transformational teacher. 

Everyone has a self-concept. We want to join communities which fit that self-concept. It sounds obvious, but you would be surprised how many communities ignore this rule. 

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