Scoping The Project

October 8, 2014Comments Off on Scoping The Project

One of our client's communities has been held up for a few months.

The problem is salesforce integration. 

The vendor stated they could integrate the community with salesforce. They provided examples of successful integrations. We accepted this. Later the vendor noted our client's salesforce integration was far more advanced (and complex) than they were used to. 

Little, unexpected, things like this often arise and cause big delays. 

Another client had a community held up for several months because of IT integration issues. 

The lesson here is to fully scope out any change. Scope out exactly how it will function, create images of every page, be specific in what every button is, and be clear about how every integration works.

You have to go into great detail to force decisions to be made early and identify potential problems

This adds a couple of days, even a week or two, to every possible project. There's a cost implication too. Yet this is the level we want to be working at. Usually, if you don't do it, nobody else will.

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