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Schedule everything you can

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Schedule as much as you can.

Focus your day on the tasks that are time sensitive.
Everything else can be scheduled.

This post was written and scheduled a month ago. We didn’t
begin this morning panicking about getting a post done on time. That’s not a
productive way to begin the day. It pushes all the time-sensitive tasks back.

Imagine if 90% of your content calendar was written and
scheduled to appear at fixed times. Imagine you have the opinion columns,
interviews, feature articles, and event announcements (along with
links/reminders/notifications) all scheduled.

Scheduling lets you work more efficiently. It’s less
stressful. It leads to better content.

You can spend a day or two scheduling content for the next
month. You can spot gaps or needed contributions to the content (“we need a picture and quote from Mark to
accompany this”

There is some last minute chopping and changing based upon
new information. Yet, this is rare. 

Now, what if you take this one step further? What if you
schedule not only the content, but also the events and discussions too? What if
you had fixed discussions to go live for the next few weeks?


On July 1st, Google is shutting Google Reader down.

This means we need to persuade you to take one of two actions.

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