Restricting Group Creation

July 9, 2013Comments Off on Restricting Group Creation

Letting anyone create a group is

Your community will soon be filled with lots of empty,
inactive, groups. This will make your community look empty. It will reduce
social density.

Many Ning communities have this

Restrict group creation to you, your team, and members who
have earned trust and respect.

For everyone else, provide a criterion for creating a group.
StackExchange does this well with Area51.

To become a group leader you might need the following:

  • The names of 30 committed members whom have agreed
    to be part of this group.
  • A list of 10 interesting discussions for this
  • A personal commitment to spend 5 hours a week on
    this group.
  • 3 items of content for this group
  • 3 interesting activities/events.

This will deter a lot of people from creating their own
groups. That’s a good thing. If a group leader can’t commit to the above, do
you believe they can grow and sustain a successful group?

Increase the number of
successful groups, not just the number of groups.


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