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Resisting The Temptation (creeping doubts)

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

We’re in the process of growing
a community for community professionals.

This has meant living by our
principles (and being our own client)

This means having a refined concept that excludes 90% of our
possible audience. It means launching with a tiny, small, group that share a
lot in in common. It means resisting the temptation to promote it on the blog,
e-mail our mailing list, or let anyone join.

It’s a small, exclusive, community highly focused upon one
specific area of the topic.

In theory, this is easy. In
practice, you face your own doubts (and greed).

  • Wouldn’t it be better to have a broader concept
    and more members?
  • Wouldn’t it be easier to get as many people to
    join the community as possible to get the community off the ground?
  • Can we really commit one person to do this

However, a broader concept would be less attractive to
everyone. It would put us in competition with the existing, terrific,
communities. It would kill the community in the long-term.  

A big promotional push wouldn’t let us convert many members
into active participants, nor check that we have a popular concept, and a
proven method for sustaining activity.

Every person that launches a community faces doubts that it
won’t succeed. Like hosting a party where nobody shows, it’s embarrassing and
costly. You will face the daily temptation to go bigger and quicker. That’s a
mistake. You have to fight this temptation.


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