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Reduce The Number of Superusers / MVPs / Insiders

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

You probably have too many members in your superuser program (or MVP/Insider/Expert program).

This does more harm than good. A major unspoken benefit of the program is its sense of exclusivity.

If you’re in the program, you are in a small unique tribe that gets access to things others don’t. You are superior to others. You have earned something others haven’t earned.

The value of the program is rarely about the benefits, it’s about what the benefits represent (that only a few people get them).

The more people who are a member of the program, the less powerful these benefits are.

Read our work with a client in 2018. We drastically cut the number of superusers in a program and activity skyrocketed.

The most powerful benefit of the program is usually how exclusive it is. The more exclusive you make it, the more rewarding it becomes to be a member.

Better yet, the smaller it is, the better time, attention, and rewards you can give to each member.

Stop adding people to the program and start removing them.

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