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Recommended Reading for the Holidays

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

If you have some time coming up, here are a few books I’d suggest. Some are community-related, others less so.

  • Priya Parker – The Art of The Gathering. One of the best books I’ve read all year. A game-changer in how we create powerful, transformative, experiences for our community members. Applies primarily to in-person gatherings but almost all of the lessons can be applied online too.
  • Marshall Rosenberg – Nonviolent Communication. Explains how to engage with members in challenging situations. Anyone doing ‘in the trenches’ community management should have this on their shelf (preferably well-thumbed through).
  • Richard Rumelt – Good Strategy Bad Strategy. Too often we blunder our way into a strategy without truly defining what ‘good’ strategy looks like. Reading this will help you identify the purpose behind strategy and how to do it well.
  • Daniel Coyle – The Culture Code. If you’re working with smaller groups or internal communities, this will explain how to create a cohesive team and build a sense of trust.
  • Jono Bacon – People Powered. Jono’s breakdown of his approach to building thriving communities in the developer space and other sectors. A great read packed with clever, practical, tips.

You can also find my past two books, Buzzing Communities, and The Indispensable Community.


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