Don’t Ask For More Resources, Ask To Raise The Bar

Asking for more resources is a fool’s errand.

You’re asking to increase the costs of the community without a clear benefit.

Why would anyone agree to that? They don’t see a crisis that needs to be fixed.

Instead, ask to raise the bar on the community’s potential.

“At the moment we’re achieving [x], but with another community manager and a better platform we can achieve [y]”

In many of our strategy projects, we present options based upon resources. i.e.

‘Here is what you can achieve at current resource levels … ’
‘Here is what you can achieve with an extra $80k investment …’
‘And here is what you can achieve with an extra $250k investment …’

Asking for more resources without showing the impact of those resources is a clear downside.

p.s. Learning strategic thinking skills is useful here.

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