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Practicing Before You Launch

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

A year ago we launched a tiny group of community professionals to
discuss a few issues. This was one of several tests before we launched a new

It didn’t work out. The problem was obvious. We were too busy to
commit to it. Participation always took a back seat to our clients, the
training course, and events.

The solution was one we’ve advocated for years; we need a full-time
community manager.

Before you launch the community, practice running the community.
Literally invite members to a mailing list and try to keep a few conversations
going. Initiate new discussions every few days, recruit members, reach out to
people and build relationships.

Not only will you identify the key people/topics, you will also see if
the community manager is able to do his/her job. That could save you a lot of
time, money, and energy later. 

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