PR Agencies: What’s new to you?

April 23, 2008Comments Off on PR Agencies: What’s new to you?

Mass-mailing journalists is what scared agencies do. They’re scared the story isn’t good enough for their key publications that matter. So they mass-mail in the hope of getting lucky. Getting lucky? Yes, getting lucky. Catching a reporter at the moment they need a story to fill space. Or catching a magazine the exact time they happen to be covering that topic.

Getting lucky happens. It’s probably best not to rely on it though.

The better agencies put together a list of 5 to 10 key publications for each client and work their approach to score hits in these publications. It might be taking the journalist out for a coffee or creating a video on a topic the journalist regularly covers.

It might be reversing the process entirely and advising the client how to do things that gets the hits in these publications. Maybe it’s even grassroots and targeting the readers of the publication first. Let the journalists hear about the story from their own readers.

There are a gazillion approaches an agency can use to gain publicity for their clients. Mass-mailing journalists is one of the worst. Try something new and fun, because PR should be fun.

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