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June 6, 2012Comments Off on The Popular Stuff

It sounds obvious, but keep a record of what was popular in the community.

This might be a popular event/activity, discussion, or item of content. 

There are three reasons to keep a record of popular things like this.

1) You can use it for different groups. A discussion about someones favourite {x} can be repeated many times. It can be a discussion you ask newcomers to participate in, or used in a regular survey to see how trends change over time.

2) You can use it in different activities. If we go back to the community management framework, we know that popular discussions can be turned into a poll. A popular poll can be turned into a regular event/activity. An event/activity can become an interesting item of content.

3) You might have identified a potential sub-group niche. A popular topic/event/item of content might provide the basis for a sub-group within the community. These sub-groups are a terrific way to get the community going.

It's a simple idea. Keep a record of what was popular on any given month. Consider using the popular topics for different groups or different activities. 

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