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No-One Is Completely Happy With Their Platform

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

I don’t think I’ve met anyone that hasn’t got a complaint about their community platform.

You don’t have the data you need, integrations you need, features you need, layout or design you want etc…etc…

Over time, these frustrations tend to rise until they prompt a great migration.

The problem with migrations is you replace one set of issues with another. In the process you upset members, incur huge costs, and you throw out all the time you spent fixing bugs from the last change. When you migrate, you end up with an entirely new set of unforeseen problems.

Worse yet, platform migrations rarely have an impact on the level of participation. Changing the environment only affects those regular users of the platform (who else will see it?). I’ve seen too many organizations migrate platforms to get features members said they wanted…but never used.

The best reasons to migrate platforms are when the costs of the platform rise beyond your capacity or the platform itself is clearly heading in the wrong direction (worse support, security, falling behind trends etc…).

Changing platforms also feels like the silver bullet to solve your problems. It isn’t.

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