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You Can Now Register For The 12-Week Professional Community Management Course

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Today, I’m excited to launch a project I’ve been working on for almost a year.

You can now can sign up for the Professional Community Management course on The Pillar Summit.

The Professional Community Management Course is an intensive and comprehensive 12-week course on developing, growing and managing successful branded online communities.

What will the Professional Community Management cover?

Specifically, this course will include:

    • Strategy. How to develop a realistic branded online communtiy strategy, including a step by step action plan and how to sell that strategy within the brand.


    • Platform development. Choosing, developing and maintaining the perfect platform for a branded online community. What features need to be included in the platform and where to find reliable people or knowledge to develop the community. You will also learn how to develop a platform yourself as part of this course.


    • Internal issues. Overcoming internal resistance to the community and ensuring you have internal support. We will go through the most common issues brand face and how brand have resolved them.


    • Getting started. We will learn how to get a community off the ground. How to reach your first 100 active members and establising the initial momentum within the online community.


    • Converting newcomers into regulars. Too many members never become active. We will cover how you convert website traffic into active members of the community.


    • Growing and promoting the community. Growth is the most requested topic on here. There are many tactics and strategies to get people to join your community, we will cover them all as part of the course.


    • Reaching high levels of engagement. Lots of members alone isn’t enough, it’s high levels of engagement and activity which is the difference between success and failure. We will cover both the basics of activity and an array of tactics and strategies to drive levels of activity which prove the 90-9-1 ratio is a misguided myth.


    • Reaching critical mass. How do you reach the level of activity where the community sustains itself? You need to put specific foundations in place. You will learn what these are and how to reach the holy grail of critical mass.


    • Resolving conflicts. Not the nicest elements of our work, but it’s essential you know how to resolve conflicts within a branded community and handle unruly members. How do you prevent a disgruntled members affecting the image of the brand? When should you punish and when should you not?


    • Gaining brand benefits. How do you promote the brand and gain the benefits you need without feeling like you’re selling to members? We will learn how a brand can engage with a community to get the benefits they need.


    • Full resource sheets. I will provide participants with a variety of my favourite resources (I’ve never shared these before). These include a variety of template invitation e-mails, checklists to go through with clients, advisory notes to clients etc…


  • Access to me. This course will offer participants unlimited use of my time. You can use this to ask questions about the course assignments, lessons or

You can visit the Professional Community Management website for specific information about what the course covers and how lessons will be taught.

Brands need knowledgable community managers

Brands invest too much time and money into communities without having the skills and knowledge that make them succeed. We urgently need to change this.

If you’re not sure how to develop a branded community or you’re struggling with an existing community, this course will transform your approach. It will teach you the correct process to develop a successful branded online community.

This course will also be ideal for training new or existing staff in how to manage current and future branded community efforts.

Basic Course Details

Each of the 12 weeks will be broken into a minimum of 3 lessons per week. You can download (or receive) these lessons in pdf formats and study at any time convenient to you. In addition, there will be live clinics, guests and assignments.

The course is both practical (you will be developing your own communities during this course) and pass/fail. If you don’t prove you are learning the material, you won’t be able to complete the course.

The fee for the 12-week course is $2100 (my consulting fees begin around the $6500 p/m region). We offer a full 100% refund to anyone unhappy with the course.

Click here to sign up for the course.

If you have liked this blog so far, you will love the Professional Community Management course.

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