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People Want To Talk About Themselves

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

People really love talking about themselves. Half of a conversation is wasted waiting for your turn to speak.

We get bored when we can’t talk about ourselves. If we can’t talk about ourselves, then the conversation isn’t really that important to us. It doesn’t fit into our lives. So we lose interest, we go find someone or something that does let us talk about ourselves.

This is my problem with community moderators trying to guide a conversation. They completely overlook this.

If you try to make all the conversation about you, your company, your brand, you’re not letting this happen. If you try to guide or direct your community to talking about anything other than themselves, you’re going to struggle.

No tactical tips on this post, sorry. Just be advised, provide as many opportunities as possible for members to talk about themselves. You’ll be mentioned eventually. Don’t sweat and don’t force it.

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