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Every Interaction Is An Opportunity

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Every single post is an opportunity to deepen engagement.

This isn’t the same as activity.

Activity is physical, engagement is mental.

Activity is easy to see and measure, engagement is in our minds and hard to prove.

These replies you’re going to write to members today, are you going to bring your A-game to deepen engagement with each member?

Will your response create better mutual understanding, build a bridge for stronger relationships in the future, and leave the member in an emotionally better state than before your response?

(That last one sounds obvious, but you might be surprised how many interactions leave a member feeling more peeved)?

Are you trying to understand and clarify their position before explaining your own? Are you showing empathy for their frustration? Are you using positive language and highlighting opportunities for the future?

Treat each interaction like the incredible opportunity it is. You can’t turn a furious member into a delighted supporter overnight, but perhaps you can make them a little less furious today?

An extra minute or two in each post can make a big difference.

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