Olympic Thoughts

July 31, 2012Comments Off on Olympic Thoughts

Events ALWAYS help build a sense of community, have lots of them.

Competition unites and separates people. A competition within your community will divide it. A competition against the ideals of another group will unite it. Having a common enemy is good.

We like heroes. We want people to cheer for. You can create heroes in your community (at iGUK, we used to do this as routine).

If you’re hosting an event, collaborative extensively with the hosts (your audience). Otherwise they get grumpy (especially when told not to travel around their own city!).

Ranking is a double-edged sword. It can encourage the results you want but for the wrong reasons.

Good sportsmanship (and most goodwill gestures) are almost always reciprocated. You can initiate many, many, cycles of positive reciprocation in your community.

Open and close your events with a bang (not literally).

Traditions are important.  Create your own flame and let members take turns carrying it.

Events that look empty destroy the atmosphere of events. It’s better to reduce the numbers that can attend and turn a few away.

People like underdogs. You can identify and support these.

Topical activities are great conversation starters.

Use polls during topical activities.

Don’t schedule your wedding to clash with the Olympics opening ceremony!

We always want to know who is the best. Can you identify who is the best in your field? No? Let members vote on it.

Events are an EASY source of new content/discussions. 

It’s hard to foster new ideals on people. It’s easier to get them to agree on what they believe their ideas/goals are and work with that.

If you’re hosting online/offline events, don’t forget sponsorship. There are probably relevant organizations that want to reach your audience – even if it’s just 50 to 100 people.

If communication slows down, people get upset. Aim to over communicate (even if you’re saying that you’re not sure what’s happening yet).

If you’re hosting an offline event, plan out in detail every possible way people can get to the venue, where they can stay, and negotiate a group discount.

A community needs highs and lows. Don’t fear failures, just be open about the failure and put it in perspective.

Diehard fans/participants can drive away other people. Don’t be afraid, just be aware. 

With the right training/coaching, you an do almost anything better than you can now.

That gap between the best and worst is huge. It’s often hard to identify what the best do that makes them the best.

Water polo probably shouldn’t be an Olympic sport.

Dodgeball probably should be an Olympic sport. 

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