NEW: FeverBee ‘Tactical Psychology’ Workshop in New York City (June 6)

On June 6, we’re hosting our Tactical Psychology workshop in the heart of New York City.

Our goal is to equip each of you working in communities today with a deep understanding of the advanced social sciences that underpin our work.

These workshops identify the key elements in social science that you can apply to increase the level of engagement in your community and achieve the outcomes you need.

The goal is to help those of you working with B2C, B2B, non-profit and internal or knowledge management communities to perform your role as effectively as possible.

Each session is focused on a unique psychological principal. These are persuasion, motivation, decision-design, and effective communication. This workshop will cover:

  • The key elements from psychology to persuade members to make positive contributions.
  • Why most people don’t participate and how to flip the lurker ratio.
  • How to prevent negative behaviors in your community.
  • Identifying your members current behavioral dispositions (values, attitudes, and opinions).
  • Using behavioral disposition clusters to shape your messages and activities.
  • Developing motivational profiles of your audience.
  • Which motivational type to use for which types of behavior.
  • How to deploy motivational CTAs throughout your community.
  • How to nudge people to make decisions that benefit the community.
  • Crafting more effective motivational messages.
  • The communication techniques used by top experts.
  • Increasing your perceived credibility when you’re not a known expert.

This workshop will be helpful for those working at B2C, B2B, Non-profit, and internal/KM communities. Our past 2 workshops in London/San Francisco sold out a month in advance and received an incredible 92% approval rating (avg. 4.6/5).

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You can purchase your tickets at:

Early-bird tickets cost $625

We have 30 places available.


  1. Crystal Vaughan says:

    I’ve had my eyes out for a FeverBee workshop on the West Coast. Any chance there is one getting scheduled for California?

  2. Richard Millington says:

    Hi @CMVaugan,

    We did one for SPRINT last year. Might do one again this year. What kind of
    topics would you be interested in?

  3. Crystal Vaughan says:

    Specifically looking for workshops like the one you’re offering in NYC - based specifically on B2B communities and focusing on:

    • Motivation/Persuasion tactics
    • Increasing Engagement & not just logging in & browsing/liking posts, etc. But more along the lines of actual contribution. We cater to a group of technical marketers who have expertise on several different levels (search, retargeting, advertising) and looking to tap into that knowledge for our other customers.
  4. Sarah Hawk says:

    Have you had a look at the Advanced Engagement Methods curriculum, Crystal? It covers everything on your list and more. I’ve been doing this for years but I’m still finding it really valuable from a practical standpoint – it takes the theoretical stuff that I know and packages them into actionable takeaways.

  5. Crystal Vaughan says:

    Thanks Sarah! I’ll dive into this & take a look. Course definitely looks like it is something I should explore.

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