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November 11 – 12, 2015

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Farmer’s didn’t invent the tractor, they were too busy farming. 

When groups of people with similar backgrounds, goals, and experience get together they share small, gradual, improvements. 

It probably felt great to discover a slightly better way to harvest crops (and share it with your friends), but it wasn’t a game-changer. The tractor was the game-changer. 

Real progress in any field comes from combining diversity of backgrounds, experience, goals, and skills. Or, to put it far more bluntly, stealing the best ideas from other sectors

I suspect tactical psychology (turning psychology insights into big wins) is our tractor and we’re the farmers. 

On November 11th – 12th, we’re hosting FeverBee SPRINT in San Francisco to find these big wins from the world of tactical psychology and turn them into game-changers for us.

We would love you to join us, but we also want you to help us. 

We want to hear from a more diverse group of people than we find at most conferences. Yes, that means more women, but also more racial diversity and people outside the traditional group of speakers who can bring us fresh ideas.

That means finding people we don’t already know who can explain how they use an insight from psychology to transform a community. If you know someone (or think you’re a great fit) let us know

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