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“I Don’t Have Anything To Share”

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

It’s probably the biggest reason I’ve seen for people explaining why they don’t participate in a community.

They don’t feel they have the expertise to participate.
They don’t have any questions they need answered.
They don’t feel they can make a useful contribution to the community.

But I never believe them.

Every single one of us in every single community has something valuable to share.

Even if it’s our very first day working in that sector or learning about the topic, we know what it’s like to be new.

We know the kind of questions we need answers to. These questions and answers will help the person that comes after us. That’s incredibly valuable.

We know what resources are missing or confusing. By sharing our thoughts we can get help from others and hopefully improve the resources for the next person.

We know how it feels to be new. We know when and where it feels frustrating, intimidating, and confusing and can share that with others who can help. Again, this helps the person who comes after us.

The problem is never that people have nothing to share. The problem is you haven’t persuaded them that what they do have to share will be incredibly valuable to others.

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