Launching Something New To A Group

December 30, 2015Comments Off on Launching Something New To A Group

There are 2 ways of doing it well.

One is to co-develop it with the group. Have them intimately involved to refining the very idea through to the end product. The more involved they’ve been, the more likely they are to buy and advocate on behalf of the object.

Another is to dazzle. Do something unexpected. Go beyond current limitations. Create something so unique, so powerful, so incredibly useful that people didn’t think it was possible. They weren’t expecting it. They weren’t prepared for it. But, wow. That’s worth talking about.

The worst approaches lie between the two. Don’t announce something half-formed, months in advance, that doesn’t allow input. Don’t suddenly launch something to an unsuspecting group that doesn’t defy their expectations.

Co-develop or dazzle.


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