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My New Book Launches Today (it’s about these community skills)

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

My new book, Build Your Community, launches today. I hope you will consider buying it.

It’s an urgent book about developing incredible community skills.

We all know there’s a big difference between having an average or great designer, manager, salesperson on your team.

…well there’s also a big difference between having average and great community managers on your team too.

Put bluntly, great community professionals are game-changers.

Great community professionals are more persuasive, have natural credibility with their audiences, and can design systems that engage thousands, even millions, of people.

Sure, technology helps. But eventually, everything depends upon the abilities of you and your team to make this work.

I’ve been working with (and training) community professionals for over a decade now. Believe me, there is huge potential for most of us to get better at the work we do.


A Book For People In The Trenches

My new book, Build Your Community, will help you develop and improve your abilities to build more engaging communities.

This is a book for those of us in the trenches living and breathing this work every day.

It’s a book for those of us who know that community skills are indispensable to the success of communities.

It’s a book for those who believe we can improve how we design and nurture our communities.

If you’ve found this blog useful over the years, you will find the book even more so.

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