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Will It Move The Needle?

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

That thing you’re planning to work on today, will it move the needle in any major way?

Will it increase growth, activity or the value of the community by 10% over the long-term?

Creating an incredible community resource might do that. Newcomers and existing members can contribute. It might show up in search and attract more people etc…

Launching a major referral program might move the needle, recruiting a small army of volunteers might move the needle, hosting a major event might build a sense of community which moves the needle…

But what about that next content update? That latest welcome email? That new scheduling tool you’re looking for? That disgruntled member you’re about to engage with? That meeting you’ve got planned for today? That discussion you’re about to respond to?

We spend so much time working on all these little things which have no chance of moving the needle. Some of them need to be done, but not for that long and often not by you.

If you want a far more motivating and productive role, I suggest you spend less time on the daily minutia and more time on the big wins. Work on big projects that have the potential to move the needle by 10% or more.

Many (most?) of these might fail. But you only need a few successes to build a successful community and a successful career.

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