That One Motivated Member

One client’s community has seen a huge increase in responses all because of 1 member.

The community manager reached out to 5 members for interviews and found 1 who was enthusiastic and eager to help.

That one member is now providing 30% of all accepted solutions in the community.

If you could put your members on a bell curve of enthusiasm, there will always be a tiny few who are a few standard deviations from the norm. They typically want to feel connected, have access to you, and see the impact of their work.

Personal calls are so powerful because you can identify people with enthusiasm and provide them with exactly the access, sense of connection, and feeling of impact which tips them into becoming a super-superuser (not a typo).

Call 1 member a week and, sooner or later, you will find someone who will answer a thousand or more questions a year.

Call 2 members per week and you will find them a lot sooner.

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