More Attention On The Most Popular Topic

May 28, 2017 Comments Off on More Attention On The Most Popular Topic

Your members will want to engage in some topics more than others.

It makes no sense to give all topics equal prominence, nor respond to every topic with equal speed.

Some questions are naturally more urgent. Some problems require clarification and more information before you (or your members) can give a good answer. Some issues are naturally more exciting to talk about and have an entirely different tone of the debate.

Don’t treat every topic equally. Pick the top few and put them in the most prominent place. Square does this well.

Spend the majority of your time on the topics which likely to account for 50%+ engagement or interest within the community. Answer these questions first, create content about these topics, optimize search traffic for these topics.

Most systems are designed to give every question equal importance. That’s a mistake. Some questions have a bigger impact upon satisfaction, retention, and future knowledge sharing than others. Focus on those questions.

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