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Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

A rising share of high-quality discussions today occurs in small, private, groups.

These are often hosted on WhatsApp, Telegram, Slack or another mobile-friendly channel.

The reasons are obvious.

  1. These apps are ‘in the flow’ of our current habits.
  2. Members get a sense of exclusivity from being accepted as a member.
  3. Every member is vetted and can be removed if they break written (or, more likely, unwritten) rules.
  4. The small group size fosters a deeper sense of trust.
  5. Members can speak openly without fear of their thoughts being leaked across the web.

In a growing number of our client community programs, we find ourselves setting up small off-site groups on WhatsApp just for top members, task-groups, or VIPs.

In fact, we’ve found small, off-site, private, groups on WhatsApp just for VIPs to be the only method that consistently attracts VIPs.

It might not take place on your platform and you might not be able to measure it, but I’d strongly advise giving them a shot.

It’s far better to be the host of your industry’s top figures than hoping for an invite.

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