Why Community Professionals Feel Like Victims

August 27, 2014Comments Off on Why Community Professionals Feel Like Victims

There is an overhyped fear that members might get upset. 

I'm really not too worried if members get upset. I'd rather they didn't get upset, but it's not a big deal if they do. 

People get upset all the time. Some people have personalities where they're prone to being easily upset. 

It's whether being upset has consequences. The answer is usually no. 

I care about whether members visit less, participate less, or buy less. If being upset correlates with one of those, then it's time to take actions. 

In a large enough community, a minority will be upset about anything you do. Some just won't like you because you're the authority figure. 

The danger is spending too much time trying to make these people happy. They will never be happy. Spending your time placating the negative members will leave you emotionally drained. You feel like the victim.

Spend your time helping happy members do something great. You will feel much better.

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