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Members Don’t Have Time To Participate In A Community

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Almost every community manager claims their members don’t participate because they don’t have enough time.

Teachers, lawyers, doctors, accountants, administrators, working moms/dads, and even pensioners have fallen into this category.

You might have data to prove it. You can produce surveys showing hundreds of members highlight a lack of time as the number one reason they don’t participate.

This is known as looking without seeing.

If hundreds of teachers say they don’t have enough time, create a community for people to save time.

Imagine you created a community for teachers to share their time-saving hacks. 

You can create the entire community concept around the very thing members appear to want.

The very reason members claim they don’t participate is usually the best place to begin creating a community concept. 

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